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Hey! Are you going to read my book? Before that, this stupid Mareez-e-Ishq welcomes you! A NAMASTE to you and if after reading my book, it touches to your heart then do follow me! Give me some LOVE through your support, I really appreciate it. It's a medicine for me, honestly. ❤️



The Romantic Contract


Hoor Aryan, who follows every path to earn money but is just full of hard work only for her father, once get an offer to earn millions at once by marrying the son of a billionaire, Zahir Malik. Mr Harshit Malik wanted his son to marry her all because of his effort to improve his son, but his son as... more info

Story about: contractmarriage, billionaire, drama

Ongoing: 19 Apr 7 pages
38 14 25

Rating: 5

#599 in Romance
#48 in New Adult & College
#120 in Contemporary Romance


Crown of Love


The story is based on werewolf and human romance. An alpha, Azriel Lētifer Silvanus and his human mate Hiraya Zelos. Hiraya as a doctor who vowed to save lives under any circumstances and a beast who never thought twice before taking a life. They were totally different but made for ea... more info

Story about: hatetolove, beautyandthebeast, werewolf and human

Ongoing: 20 Apr 29 pages
251 27 20

Rating: 8

#89 in Fantasy
#50 in Romantic fantasy
#520 in Romance
#36 in Paranormal Romance




“Couldn't you hear? Just now someone called us,” I asked her, without leaving the doorway. “I think your ears are ringing,” she giggled but I know I heard someone. She called both of us but why couldn't Ayla hear? As I sighed and turned to close the door, after believing Ayla but suddenl... more info

Story about: revenge, raped, ruthlessness

Ongoing: 16 Apr 25 pages
413 57 9

Rating: 10

#5 in Horror
#5 in Paranormal
#34 in Thrillers & Suspense
#16 in Suspense


Hellfire's Captive


"Do you even know that I can burn you down with one touch?" He gruffed. "How can I even expect something else from a devil's son like you?" Mia also answered him straight. The word *Devil's Son* had tossed his temper. He hated the way Mia judged him as Devil's Son. Darkness started covering his sc... more info

Story about: curse, witches, fire demon and human romance

Complete 131 pages
3675 110 85

Rating: 16

#40 in Fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy
#292 in Romance
#15 in Paranormal Romance


The Lovers

Heena Kundra, Arcane

Piya is a naive, spear and bold girl but only in the outside world, and in home she doesn't even raises her eyes at anyone. After the parents pass away, when she stays at her maternal aunt's house, she does not get the love that her parents used to give. Only her friend understood him in such a wo... more info

Story about: lovers, truelove, societal truth

Complete 116 pages
2944 83 51

Rating: 17

#1790 in Romance
#285 in Contemporary Romance
#171 in Thrillers & Suspense
#34 in Crime fiction



That Love Intense

Arcane, Heena Kundra

"In love with your soul" In a different way. A madness whose extent has eradicated a lot of hatred. A fire of hatred, worse than hell, but which only love could beat. The words that gave a hope to a lifeless heart to beat. You must know Arzoo and Armaan if you've read "In Love with your Soul"... more info

Story about: intense love, alfaazehayat, intense hate

Sample 59 pages
523 35 8

Rating: 7

#996 in Romance
#193 in Contemporary Romance
#105 in Paranormal Romance

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