Book 2 Completed [his Smile Worth Billions]

Author: Angelic Emman / Posted: 13.03.21, 12:28:26

Hello Everyone! 

Hopefully everyone is doing very well ❤


The book 2 of the series "HIS SMILE WORTH BILLIONS"  is now completed and free to read.


A massive Thanks to everyone who have been showing thier love and great support for the series. ❤


As for the book 3, it'll be out after the fantasy contest would be finished since I'll be working on my upcoming book for the fantasy contest. 

Hopefully I'll receive the same response for my upcoming book. I'll make sure everyone would enjoy reading ❤


You can follow me to stay tuned for book 3 of the series and for more upcoming books. 


Thank you so much, 


Angelic Emman <3



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