Giving Two Promo Codes For Claimed By The Mafia

Author: Nina Daniel / Posted: 22.03.21, 11:33:56

Hello, Mafians. 

So those who are eagerly waiting to read CBTM 2 but can not pay, I have conducted an urgent giveaway on my Instagram. To take a part in, you need to visit the profile @Theauthornina

I'll be waiting to hear from you.

Go now or you will miss the chance. 

Much Love, 



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Aditi aditi
23.03.2021, 05:19:43

I have got your insta but i found is that you had given that giveaway on 15th feb and also said that the results will be announced after 5 days that means on 20th of feb.... then is it still applicable? plz make it clear dear...❤

Athena Roy
22.03.2021, 21:10:40

Happy birthday in advance

Priya Basak
22.03.2021, 19:55:06

Am I eligible for this??

Lawrence Obinodu
22.03.2021, 14:31:58

I checked on instagram but I didn't see the profile "@theauthornina" but I saw your other instagram "s.n_nina_author"
I hope it's the right one, I wouldnt want to miss this promo for the world?

Nina Daniel
22.03.2021, 16:31:32

Lawrence Obinodu, no, dear. S.N Nina Arthur is someone else. I on the other hand am @theauthornina

Lorena Delgado
22.03.2021, 16:24:01

Gracias, un abrazo!¡

Manogyna Marthi
22.03.2021, 12:31:37

Am I eligible to apply dear author Nina? Please give me a chance. ;)

Nina Daniel
22.03.2021, 12:49:57

Manogyna Marthi, Of course, go!

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