New Chapters coming soon.

Author: ZDwamena / Posted: 12.04.21, 11:52:59

Hey Readers,

My sequel "The Final Return" is coming to an end. I am so happy with the new chapters, and I have to do a little bit of editing before showing them. Once I do, I will be posting the last episodes every three days at 00:00 (NZTM). 

I'm sad that I will have to let this book go, but it will help make space for other projects that I am excited to make and show. 

Here's a snippet of the next chapter: SPOILER WARNING 

My surrounding blurs as I allow the harsh words I said to Jessica to begin settling in. Once the first tear falls, the rest follow suit. I sob as I now understand the things I said to Jessica. Not only that, but I haven't thought to say sorry and even make amends. Instead, I came spontaneously into her life and acted as a superhero when Jessica doesn't need one. 

Happy Readings. 


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