Chapter 2 is out!!!

Author: Alex Scrivenor / Posted: 30.05.19, 07:07:15

Alright, so this is going to be a short thing: HOPELESS MEMORIES OF SUMMER chapter two is out now, I don't know what was going on with my computer, or if it was like somehting worldwide, but litnet didn't actually let me read ANYthing, but now it's back to normal, so go check that chapter out.

You're finally meeting Annie in this chapter, which is something I really want you to do, so when you read it, come back to this post and comment if you liked her very first introduction! For me she's a really hopefull sweet girl with a lot of shit going on... (excuse my vocabulary), but she's also quite mature when it comes down to it.

Well, remember this is a really short story, which means there are only 4 chapters left to come. This was a school project, which I really enjoyed, so I hope you do too.

Good Luck!!!

PD. If you have any theories on any book of mine, I would love to hear them aswell... Still though, I'd really like for you to tell me how you liked Annie :3


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