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Book. "Enthralled Danger 【book #1 'enthralled Series'】" read online

Enthralled Danger 【book #1 'enthralled Series'】

Boakye D. Alpha

Story about:love, crime, love betrayal and forgiveness

Age restriction: 18+

28 891

#1200 in Romantic suspense
#8809 in Romance

On Hold: 05 Aug 52 pages

Publication: 30.07.2019 — ...

Description of book "Enthralled Danger 【book #1 'enthralled Series'】"

Lennon Keegan, an impulsive News anchor and Editor of the Harpersville's news hub wakes up to a radiant morning with a smile plastered on his face and ready to have a feel of that soft and delicate skin he had his hands all over the night before but he turns to see the other side of the bed empty - as if he had imagined all that he thought he had done that night.

Then the city police showing up in front his apartment a week after, questioning him about a girl he had picked up the week before brought together the missing pieces of his memory making everything more real than he believed it to be.

Who is that girl and what happened to her? Why did she take off without prompting Lennon and why was the police in front of his apartment a week after?

Find out in "Enthralled Danger


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30.07.2019, 14:34:16

will you publish it complete?

Boakye D. Alpha
11.08.2019, 18:02:30

Grace, I'm glad!

09.08.2019, 15:48:36

TV is so cruel

Boakye D. Alpha
11.08.2019, 11:32:31

Jenny, I'm about to start a new book check that out too

Jess Conibear
03.08.2019, 13:26:21

I cant wait to read more

Boakye D. Alpha
03.08.2019, 17:56:04

thank you for checking this out

Joko Fabela
02.08.2019, 17:23:10

how can she marry him?

Boakye D. Alpha
02.08.2019, 21:02:29

exactly my question! But what can we share? Ramon is quite a taker and does take what he wants.

Benn. C
01.08.2019, 21:16:39

wow, it looks so interesting

Boakye D. Alpha
01.08.2019, 23:36:24

Thank you!

Cira Shalash
01.08.2019, 10:37:19

awesome idea and storyline

Boakye D. Alpha
01.08.2019, 18:42:04

Thank you! please continue reading and don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts as you read along

Boakye D. Alpha
30.07.2019, 14:47:56

Next update soon!
Do add to your library for updates.

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