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Book. "Love On the Go" read online

Love On the Go

Tlalane Manciya

Story about:secrets, millionaire, love and pain

Age restriction: 18+

34 1076

#19 in Inspiration romance
#133 in Romantic suspense

Complete 151 pages

Publication: 18.01.2023 — 21.02.2023

Description of book "Love On the Go"

Twenty-two-year-old Natasha Curtis wakes up in a strange hotel room on a New Year’s Day, with no memory of where she is or events that landed her there. What makes her morning stranger is that she wakes up, next to a very gorgeous man, she has no idea who the man is. The stranger assures her that nothing happened between them. If nothing happened, Natasha wonders why she ended up in his bed.
The stranger she wakes up next to is night club tycoon Tate Ray. How did she end up in his room and what was his story meeting her? Their new year starts on a rollercoaster that changes their lives in an unimaginable way as she gets close to Tate and they both discover that the new year has not only begun with a bang, but with changes that both never thought they were ready to face.


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Lynn Austria
28.02.2023, 05:54:36

Thank you very much for this beautiful book, you’re a good writer??? hoping to read more of your books for free, take care and stay safe God loves us ?????????

Blessing Simon
27.02.2023, 08:30:09

Wow! Nice story and fun to read. Thanks author and more wisdom and success for the future.

Tlalane Manciya
27.02.2023, 08:37:53

Blessing Simon, Thanks for reading Blessing and thanks for the encouragement. Do follow me for more stories for you to enjoy... Take care

Usha Sanath Shetty
18.02.2023, 20:40:42

every one wishing kind of BF... beautiful story author

Tlalane Manciya
18.02.2023, 19:22:51

Usha Sanath Shetty, Thanks Usha, I appreciate you reading! I glad you enjoyed.

Marjory Bloom
16.02.2023, 13:22:35

loved it!!

Tlalane Manciya
16.02.2023, 11:47:43

Marjory Bloom, Thanks very much for reading. Do follow me please for more updates on my content.

Tlalane Manciya
14.02.2023, 06:54:02

Thanks everyone for taking time to read.

08.02.2023, 13:10:58

Intriguing, love to read it sometime!

Lorelle Estelle
01.02.2023, 17:34:48

You write sooo well!

Tlalane Manciya
01.02.2023, 17:44:55

Lorelle Estelle, Thank you very much Lorelle for the encouragement and thanks for reading. I appreciate the comment.

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