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Godiva Gilbert
01.07.2022, 00:39:42

Hi, I'm a fellow author on Booknet, I'd really appreciate it if you check my latest book "Bound To Break You." Please like it, comment and add it to your library and I'll do the same with yours too. Thanks so much ❤

09.02.2022, 15:41:01

Hiii I am an emerging author, lets do a shout out if you agree. We can support each other, I shall recommend one of your books to my readers in my book and you recommend my book on your book. Interested? :)

I am currenting writing a book called Vampire's obsession do check it i am sure you would love it, out its about Aldric a great vampire royal ,he is a devil possessed in the body of a greek god, a sinner without any emotions or feelings. Aldric is a arrogant ,cocky, aggressive, cold-hearted vampire king. He is renowned for his irresistible looks and his brutality. His signature smirk makes men beg for his mercy and women for his touch . The four letter words which he hated the most and liked the most were love and lust. The man's whose earlier obsession and desire was only towards power and money was now totally directed towards her. Samantha is a human princess. She is as innocent and beautiful as an angle with a so pure soul. She is a naive ,sweet ,cheerful girl with a heart of gold. Do press the star button if you liked the book :)
Lots of loveee

Magalene Brown
18.01.2022, 18:20:45

Hi there , would you like a follow for a follow , kindly follow me i will follow you back, thanks in advance

11.10.2021, 10:54:32

Hey, would you like to follow me and I will follow back you.

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu
02.07.2021, 20:04:37

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