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Baighaan 06.01.2021, 14:51:32

Hey! I jst wanna thank you for rewarding my books. Thanks! :D

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Baighaan 06.01.2021, 15:30:02

Anjaani, Aw, you too!! :)

Tayyab Khan 02.01.2021, 20:09:59

Hi, My name is Tayyab and I'm a creative book cover designer. If you want to design your next book cover you can contact me anytime. I'm always here for your help. Thanks

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Maureen Mutahi 02.01.2021, 18:01:30

Hello...Am Maureen Mutahi writing my first book and i would like you to check it out and support me

B Talekar 01.01.2021, 11:08:55

Hello Dear Bookneter,
This is B. Talekar from India.
I am new on Booknet. And I am writing a story about 3 authors who have their defferent perspectives.
I will really appreciate it if you will support me to grow and join me back.
Happy New Year.!

DIA 25.12.2020, 18:18:49

hi can I invite you to check my books? I'll really appreciate any comments and suggestions to improved my writings.
Thank you.

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Anjaani 30.12.2020, 17:02:05

DIA, Sure, why not. Give me sometime.

Lady WORDSWORTH 11.12.2020, 05:41:33

Hello anjani... I really love your books, cherishing them always. I therefore as an adviser and friend wanted to ask you for a favour... could you please check out my page and give my book a chance? You see, I am an amateur writer here, so I badly need suggestions from the readers.. do tell me what you think about it

Marites Salimbangon 10.12.2020, 03:45:16

good day, can you please help me? I want to directly dm booknet with regards to the 11 stories I purchased, I cannot open or read it in my another laptop. Please help. thanks.

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Marites Salimbangon 10.12.2020, 03:58:27

thank you so much for the prompt reply, actually, I can read my purchased stories in the tablet I am using now, this is also the one I use in purchasing the stories. I bought a new laptop but then I cannot open or read the stories I bought.

Kaislovee 05.11.2020, 15:59:29

Hi dear author! I'm still new here and I hope you can support my story too. I'm joining this so called contest and hope that you can promote or just simply like and share it with your friends it's highly appreciated. Just visit my profile. It's still on going though. God bless dear author and more blessings to come for you!

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Anjaani 10.12.2020, 03:49:43

Kaislovee, sure dear, I would like to read and recommend. I somehow missed seeing your message here.

Gwenthy Bandah 02.10.2020, 01:35:22

Wow lovely novel.....was impressed with the narrating and smooth writing #let me hate you and I hate you too is the best ever made my afternoons and evenings ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Anjaani 19.10.2020, 10:17:29

Gwenthy Bandah, I am sorry I couldn't reply before. thank you so much for giving it a read. Do read my other stories too.

Shreya Sharma 30.09.2020, 19:44:01

Heyy....I've just published my book, His Reporter Biwi here. Do check it out if time permits! It would mean alot!

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Shreya Sharma 30.09.2020, 20:22:56

Anjaani, Thank you so much!❤

Teniccia Ray 16.08.2020, 15:24:43

Hey! Could you please do me the favor of reading my first story? It's ongoing. I'll add new chapters soon. Please do check it and comment on it if you like it. It'll be very helpful. ❤

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Teniccia Ray 30.08.2020, 18:30:14

Anjaani, No prob:)

Aliza Jabri guru 30.08.2020, 14:10:09

Hi, I didnt knew you were a writer. I saw the post of your book on Booknet SM page. I want wish you all te best for your book. Tkcr.

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Aliza Jabri guru 30.08.2020, 18:21:57

Anjaani, I don't know if it's unique, but it's really close to my heart because it's the first book I wrote.

chayasreedeka 28.07.2020, 18:15:55

Hi hun.

This is the link to one of my 1st book in Booknet.
Please check it out. I shall b forever grateful.

And can u follow me back. I m very new here.

Btw u r doing grt with ur book.

I hope u'll support me book too.

Stay safe

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Anjaani 29.07.2020, 00:55:11

chayasreedeka, Sure, I would love to support your work.

chayasreedeka 23.07.2020, 12:28:07

Hi dear,
I just read ur 1st chapter n u r doing grt.
I m very new here. Can u plz follow me back?


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