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Hello, charming individuals. If you are unknown to my page. Do review my books out I'll be pleased if you accomplish so..... I can guarantee you, you won't mourn later. Gracious❤️


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A Twist Of Fae

Ariana Rossi

Will you marry me, Eliana ?....... Y--, NO! she will NOT MARRY YOU she is MINE! a shadow came from nowhere and took her * I PROMISE you Eliana we WILL be TOGETHER even if I have to KILL for you * Eliana is a sweet 18-year-old girl, bubbly, feisty, and daddy's princess, the heart of the family ... more info

Story about: love and jealousy, possesive devil and innocent angel, obsession and stalking

On Hold: 16 May 58 pages
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Rating: 47

#2523 in Romance
#906 in Billionaires