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Jyotika Mewara
16.05.2022, 15:45:48

I would love if it you Like my Novel 'Her Saviour Alpha' and give it a read. It's a story of warevolves. I think, that you will not be disappointed.
I would love it if you give it a read :)

Thank You

Shaheen Sadeka
29.03.2021, 09:49:23

Please do check my book. Follow me and I will follow back only if it is okay for you.. Thank you.

Beauty Angel
14.04.2021, 02:41:50

Shaheen Sadeka, Hyy np

Jan Garnet
13.04.2021, 00:47:18

Hi there, I'm new in Booknet and am looking to expanding my reach. I'm hoping you can follow me; I'll gladly follow back.
I'd also appreciate it if you can 'Like' and add to your library my story LEAP OF FATE.

Pooja Roy Bagchi
27.12.2020, 05:53:24

Hi...... I am a newbie writer here and am up with an absolutely catchy LOVE HATE relationship storyline about a King who has captivated his enemy's daughter but he can't really fight his growing desire for his enemy's daughter any more...... but will the enemy's daughter desire for him in the same way ?? will he ever able to tell her about his feeling ?? Do check out my new story.... FORBIDDEN PRINCESS With long chapters and amazing plots.

Pooja Roy Bagchi
27.12.2020, 05:50:36

Beauty Angel, thanks for your kind reply and do check it out ,am sure you will enjoy it

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