His Ruthless Desire 2

Author: Aliza Jabri / Posted: 30.08.20, 13:52:02

Hello my lovely readers, this post is to inform you that my book "His Ruthless Desire 2" will be on bookscription on Booknet from, today. 

I hope you amazing readers will support me by buying my book. I want to thank you for the enormous amount love you all had shown towards my writing. It really means a lot to me. 

Those who cant aford to buy the book can complete the tasks in the My Wallet option and reload your account. The book can be brought through paypal. I have kept the price low so you all can afford the book easily. 

Follow my profile on Instagram and my page on Facebook and stay tuned for the announcement of a giveaway of the book. 

Love Aliza.


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avid reader 25.10.2020, 04:57:40

Hi ....I m not able to buy it as we are not having this facility but I seriously wanted to read it as I liked it very much....hope if I could read it some time all the best?

Rhiteeka Pohuja 31.08.2020, 17:04:58

We don't have this kind of facility in our island so I stop reading the book. All the best Aliza. I wish I could read this book ?

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Aliza Jabri 01.09.2020, 04:38:32

Rhiteeka Pohuja, You can try my other free books meanwhile until I make the giveaway announcement. How do you buy coins on dreame? Why don't you use the same method to buy them here.

Risqot Agboola Jimoh 30.08.2020, 17:12:33

How to subscribe his ruthless desire 2

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Aliza Jabri 30.08.2020, 18:04:00

Risqot Agboola Jimoh, Or you can go to My Wallet in the menu and reload it by completing the tasks.

harley quinn 30.08.2020, 14:12:53

All the best love.

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Aliza Jabri 30.08.2020, 14:30:14

harley quinn, Thank you

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