Updated... Virginity Sold!

Author: Melanie F / Posted: 16.09.20, 09:50:38

hello everyone ... happy day.
They have chapter 13 of << Virginity Sold! >> available.
I hope you enjoy it.


Marilí Cook is not the typical silly girl who lets herself be dominated, in this novel you will find a strong girl who always defends her position. Her mother falls ill and because they are alone, it is Marilí who must go to the front for both of them, thus having to take responsibility.
Without money and with a mediocre job in addition to studying, she has no choice, her best friend of all her life has an idea, "Let Marilí sell her virginity" An idea that of course our protagonist refused at the beginning, but circumstances make it finally accept.
She meets Kahin Hamann, a man much older than her, a tyrant, pretentious, selfish, and self-centered who always gets what he wants, and this time he wanted her.

Marilí does not want to fall in love, and he will fight to make her do so.


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Lilybeth Edong 20.09.2020, 05:18:04

Excitement feels in me for the next chapter, please,,,,,,

Lilybeth Edong 18.09.2020, 01:17:40

Already finish chapter 13

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