Bad-ass/ Anti-heroine/ Fiery Protagonist

Author: Lee Stewart / Posted: 16.09.20, 19:01:58

Hello Ladies and Lords, 

This is Lee here. You can call me 'Squirt' too, as you please. Haha. So, I have been 'asked' trying my hand at writing, very politely by our very Miss. Shruti Omar.  She loves me so much to threaten me to write the moment she got hands on my very private draft of erotica (that's just another tale, I'd tell you soon about it) and read it out aloud, unaware that the inspiration of that particular piece was bathing in the next room. I lost my sexy roommate that day. And, the mindblowing sex with her too. 

Anyway, that's just old story. So, I am hoping you'll love the books published in the aforementioned series. The books would be as follows, in the similar fashion. 



3. REESE...

4. SIENNA...

JASMINE has been published with a disclaimer, I am planning to provide a preface too but if not, the chapters will be delivered with updates thrice a week. Call your friends on this journey too and press the follow button if you like the stuff. You know,pantydropping and boner inducing. ;)




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Shruti Omar 18.09.2020, 09:06:48

Squirtyyy!!! Babe, I'm damn glad to find you here. And, sorry about Rosy again. Ugh. Who the hell listens to the crap when it is certified that eavesdroppers never hear good thing about them? Besides, she was too curvy. So much that I was totally disturbed with her hourglass shape. Just kidding. She is a sweetheart. We're still in touch, you asshole! Forgetting that, congrats on this journey. Wish you success and love.

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