Special giveaway: Read "Always yours" for free.

Author: Caro Yimes guru / Posted: 18.10.20, 00:53:46

Hello, dear Booknet readers. 

I will give away 8 codes so that you can read my novel for free:

Always Yours.


To participate, you must find me on Instagram as CaroYimesAuthor and follow the instructions. 

Good luck.



Thank you very much everyone for your interest.


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Monthi Fernandes 27.10.2020, 09:02:30

It's a beautiful story I love it

Godwin Vivian 23.10.2020, 03:43:10

Love it

Nevenka Pastrovic 20.10.2020, 16:20:05

good story

Nevenka Pastrovic 20.10.2020, 16:19:25

Comment has been deleted

Nevenka Pastrovic 20.10.2020, 16:15:56

Good story

Biodun Kole Sheriff-Azeez 20.10.2020, 16:07:48

Earnestly looking forward to reading your book.Stay blessed

Linda corralejo 18.10.2020, 23:09:18

I loved your books

Nisha Jamshetti 18.10.2020, 16:15:14

I really really want to read further story... Please choose me.... I got stuck in mid Story...

Priya Basak 18.10.2020, 15:21:45

I'll feel very happy if i got chosen

Priya Basak 18.10.2020, 14:44:57

Comment has been deleted

gemma wendell 18.10.2020, 06:12:48

I participated!

Adepoju Feranmi Peace 18.10.2020, 04:17:28

I will like to be choosen . Already followin you on istagram

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