"Waking Up With The Ceo" Update Ch. 3

Author: Emma Swan / Posted: 29.10.20, 10:03:52

Hi, Y'all!!!!!

A promise is a promise, so here I am with another chapter from "Waking Up With The CEO". Since I am enjoying so much writing the story of Annalise and Lance, I decided to put out there a couple of chapters that will show you better who our main characters are. Last time you saw Lance in a different light, now it is Annalise's turn. In her story, there is also a very interesting detail that you will discover only if you read chapter 3. Here's a little appetizer: 

Who is the man that is keeping Annalise so tight...? Well, you will discover it in this chapter. 

"Waking Up With The CEO" is and will remain a free book. So, you all will be able to read it from the beginning right to the very end. Here's the link that will take you directly to the story: 


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Until next time, I remain yours truly, 

Emma Swan. 


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