Dear Sergeant.

Author: Nell Petrova / Posted: 01.12.20, 20:21:33


Tiffany Bradford is a member of Sergeant Pierce Rowland Intelligence Unit. She is strong, smart and beautiful, she is his type of woman and the attraction he feels for her may not have been a problem, decades before, when he was a young detective, but now, being 50 years old, it was something completely inappropriate, or so he believed, until the day he dared to kiss her and realize that the desire was mutual. But the age gap will not be the main obstacle in their relationship; Tedd (Tiffany’s father) is Pierce’s best friend and would kill him if he found out what they have been doing, and...Tiffany could lose her reputation and ruin her career if any of her co-workers find out that she have been sleeping with the boss.

It's a risk to keep doing it, but they can't stop, the sex is too good and it has become an addiction.


The first chapter is now available on Booknet. 


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