To all the Mafia Romance fans!!!

Author: Shreya Sen Gupta / Posted: 08.04.21, 20:05:38

My new book and the first in the series 'CASTELLO DI CARTE' is out. It's called Precarious.


Castello Di Carte means House Of Cards in Italian.


With a past filled with bruises, both emotional and physical, Bella Bianchi has become a charm as an espionage agent, one of the best in the field. After a series of hasty choices and too much tequila, the last thing she expected was to wake up on the billionaire bachelor, Eros Castellanos's bed with no recollection of what led her there.

With Eros trying to swoon her and her mother's growing illness, she decides to take up one last project as the ending peak of her career, only to be handed the hardest target of all—Adonis Vitale, the man everyone sees yet no one has seen.

With nothing on him except a blurry picture of a tattoo, she sets for the mission. Meeting him at a cafe, nonetheless, him initiating the conversation was more than a surprise she was prepared for. 

But what happens when she learns that Adonis Vitale has a lot to do with her personal life, more importantly, with her sister's death?


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