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Author: Shruti Omar / Posted: 08.06.21, 21:06:13

Hi everyone, 

As everyone wanted an update schedule, I have to inform you guys that the updates will be happening on alternate days; total 4 updates a week per book. Like the first update was on Monday, so you can get an update on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. This way, you'll be getting four updates a week. I hope I'll be keeping up with the schedule. Show me your support and thanks for the love. 



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Tanusree Sengupta
13.06.2021, 19:06:00

Mam please update soon.... eagerly waiting for ur updates

gargi shah
13.06.2021, 18:04:10

Waiting for update…

11.06.2021, 14:02:41

Hey shruti as you said 4 updates a week, Will you be updating everday from today? As 3 days have already passed? Eagerly waiting and greedy for the updates. :(

Shruti Omar
11.06.2021, 11:36:33

SimmiS, Mostly yes

10.06.2021, 16:49:52

There was no update on Wednesday, so we will get one today or directly on Friday?

Kishori Bhojane
09.06.2021, 11:41:45

Hey author, I was not aware about ur books on other platforms. when I read ur piracy wala note then only I came to know about ur books on other platforms. Currently m reading ur "d best match" book.. l really really like Shree in that book..
One thing I get to know that in most of ur books u prefer joint family n which I love d most ...I really feel like m watching my ol time favourite movies...like "hum aapke hain kaun" or "hum sath sath hai"
Ty author keep writing there too...

Shruti Omar
09.06.2021, 09:16:12

Kishori Bhojane, Hey.
Thanks a lot. Well, I'm glad you're enjoying this. ❤️

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