Her Scarred Billionaire Completed- Sneak Peek Up!

Author: Jocelyn Black / Posted: 10.06.21, 20:43:18

Hey lovelies!

Here's the sneak peek I promised you. Chapter 1 of my next book, Not My Billionaire, is now up for your reading pleasure! My second work is now completed (yay!) Be on the lookout for its release in the next couple of weeks. COMMENT, VOTE, FOLLOW and Happy reading!


-Jocelyn Black


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Elva Carrillo
11.06.2021, 00:20:00

What a great beginning to your new story. I found myself smiling the entire time as I read the chapter. This is going to be a fun story to read, I can't wait for you to release it.

Jocelyn Black
11.06.2021, 12:02:00

Elva Carrillo, I love to hear that! I was smiling the whole time I wrote it, too :-) Thank you for being such a faithful reader throughout my writing journey!

Наталия Арчер
10.06.2021, 23:17:47

Thank you very much, Jocelyn!
You make this world better with your stories! They make me believe in love. :)
Thank you for the sneak peek! I can’t wait to read it in the evening. ❤️❤️❤️

Jocelyn Black
11.06.2021, 12:00:47

Наталия Арчер, Thank you so much, Natalia! Your words mean so much to me!

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