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Author: Ruechari guru / Posted: 16.04.19, 03:59:23

Hello My Lovlies!!!

Litnet offers authors to open a Commerical Account if they meet a 3 step criteria. 

1. You have to have 1 free completed book with more than 240,000 characters (Which I have done)

2. You need to have more than 80 regular readers (I now have 122)

3. You have to more than 100 followers... 

This is where I need your help. If you love my stories and would like to read more from me, I beg of you FOLLOW ME!!!! I currently have 91 followers so I am only 10 followers away from being able to apply for a commercial account here at Litnet. It would be a dream come true for me to be able to be paid for my work. 

You will still have plenty of free stories from me to read also but my novels that are complete I would love to offer you and if you can help me achieve this goal I can post them here.

So won't you please come follow me?





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Rodica Mijaiche 04.05.2019, 20:55:50

Hi! Congratulations!

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Ruechari guru 05.05.2019, 23:41:15

Rodica Mijaiche, Thank you so much!

martin chege 27.04.2019, 01:27:22

just joined nead followers too.
arleady following you

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Ruechari guru 28.04.2019, 06:18:55

martin chege, Well as an author I am only able to follow other authors. Are you looking to post a story?

Ericka May 25.04.2019, 10:05:28

Hello, I'm new here. Can we follow each other?

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Ruechari guru 26.04.2019, 01:32:18

Ericka May, Wonderful! I didn't see your book when I looked up your profile at first. I seriously need to get more time to read but I'll save you to my library. Best of luck to you.

R O N A 21.04.2019, 08:38:46

I already follow you since the beginning. :)

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Ruechari guru 21.04.2019, 17:36:07

R O N A, That's because you're so awesome!

Jam 16.04.2019, 21:41:17

I would love to follow you but I can't find a button to push so I can do this. I'm kind of new to all this so HELP PLEASE!
Thanks Jam

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Ruechari guru 17.04.2019, 15:10:32

, Thank you Andrew : ) !!!!

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