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On Hold: 04 May 69 pages

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Description of book "21st Century Life"

The turn of the 21st Century bought many things to our lives. Technology got faster, relationships got shorter and the world seems to keep moving forward at a lightning pace. Yet, the struggle of life weighs us down, stopping us from achieving our dreams.

Daya and Kaashi, two best friends, on graduating from college find themselves without a job or a plan. Their pursuit to achieve a life of their dreams pits them against several obstacles. Despite that, the two continue to push themselves, all in a pursuit to escape the claws of mundane life.

This isn't just a story about love or the hardships of life or achieving the dream, it a story about all of those.


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Asha Kumar
04.09.2019, 19:26:46've updated :D

Shreekhar R
07.09.2019, 22:10:11

Asha Kumar, Yup. Updates have been slow lately. But keep an eye out for new content.

Joe Marh
30.06.2019, 16:09:57

writing a book is a hard work

Shreekhar R
30.06.2019, 16:37:44

Joe Marh, I can vouch for that

Miri Golden
15.06.2019, 20:28:05

a writer writer about life of a writer:D

Asha Kumar
18.06.2019, 12:32:10

Shreekhar R, Sure, don´t stop!

Nina Ainsworth
04.06.2019, 21:35:49

want to see the development of the story

Nina Ainsworth
08.06.2019, 21:03:26

Shreekhar R, that´s OK

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