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A Billionaire's Pet Project

Lee Jacqueline

Story about:billionaire, romance drama

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#2103 in Billionaires
#5934 in Romance

On Hold: 06 Dec 76 pages

Publication: 19.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "A Billionaire's Pet Project "

In an attempt to stabilize her poor financial status, Brittany Whitfield ventured into a world of illicit activities with her glamorous friend, Whitney Hudson.

They devised an RHS … 'Rich-Handsome-Single' scheme to lure wealthy investors into their non-existent charitable organizations.

However, their well-executed plans fail when a prospective client, Prince Raul Ali Shah unearths the truth.

Intent on reforming the young, ambitious women, Raul engages them into a business proposal, his PET PROJECT, designed to encourage 'Private Enterprises Trade' with affluent investors.

A charitable move thought Brittany, unaware that the decision was based on his desire to keep her within his reach. A disastrous encounter would transpire into a blazing, passionate union.


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Junee Banerjie
16.11.2020, 17:45:39

Loving your book so far, and I'm sure it'll get even better ❤

Lee Jacqueline
20.11.2020, 18:34:26

Junee Banerjie, Thx so much ... greatly appreciated ... thx 4 reading

Michael Goodwin
09.11.2020, 16:41:09

Lee, this is a great book, easy to read with fast flowing pages.
Its one of those that you can't stop reading once you start...
Your detail accounts if these places in Vegas is excellent
Well done Lee ?

Lee Jacqueline
12.11.2020, 04:52:32

Michael Goodwin, Thx much ... highly appreciated ... fictional story ... location details ... facts ... thx 4 reading ... tc

Nita Reed
25.10.2020, 16:31:59


Lee Jacqueline
05.11.2020, 02:46:08

Nita Reed, Thx much ... highly appreciated

Junee Banerjie
22.10.2020, 20:29:15

Amazing ?

Lee Jacqueline
23.10.2020, 04:24:06

Junee Banerjie, Thx much ... highly appreciated

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