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A Black Shadow Follows Me

Shabnam Nisha

Story about:romance and fantasy, first and last love

Age restriction: 18+

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#343 in Paranormal Romance
#343 in Paranormal Romance

On Hold: 01 Apr 3 pages

Publication: 30.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "A Black Shadow Follows Me"

Ever thought that why we were born, is there any purpose of our being born that still needs to be fulfilled? Our Eyesha (The main character of the book) does not want to find any answers to such questions.
But her destiny had already chosen something else for her. She never tried to know the answer to her being born not even she care for her life much. Then why only she has chosen.

Stuck in an unknown fantasy place and accidentally meet up with her destiny of love. But this isn't going to be easy for her because this is not the ordinary one. Her love of life is not human. But, a creature. Let's find out that she'll be able to find her love or just drop off it because this isn't her main hurdle but a BLACK SHADOW will.


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