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A boon that turned out to be a bane


Story about:werewolf and human love, supernaturals

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#386 in Paranormal Romance
#279 in Supernaturals

Complete 56 pages

Publication: 14.03.2021 — 02.05.2021

Description of book "A boon that turned out to be a bane"

Adrien Slaughter is just starting as a detective in clear water, Florida. As he is investigating a lot more cases, he finds some unexplainable things happening around him. He also comes to know that his family have a long history of hunting those unexplainable things. After a few days at work, he happens to meet Juliette through a case and then comes a point where the two wouldn't stop meeting each other. Adrien finds out about Juliette being werewolf only at the unbreakable point of their relationship. How will Adrien take this?
Lets find out through the thrilling, nail biting and romantic journey of Adrien and Juliette.


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