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#13 in Romantic fantasy
#283 in Romance

Ongoing: 09 Jun 583 pages

Publication: 26.12.2019 — ...

Description of book "A Chosen Princess."

A girl from Village with big dreams. Not a princess to rule but circumstances changed her fate. It's not easy to live her dream. At a very young age, she learnt the meaning of life. She knows no fairytale is real. Every stage of her life made her strong. She lived hiding her identity. She is not in search of a prince. She wants to save her family and people.
But destiny had plans and she meets the man whom she admired. He built himself from scratch. He knows the value of life. He knows the pain to lose someone and what it takes to reach what he is now. He hates the people who built their career with no efforts. Because of situations, he misjudges her and her life becomes more awful. Her world breaks down.
What will happen?
Let's meet them to know their story.


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