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Book. "A Coffee Shop Romance" read online

A Coffee Shop Romance

Amber M Kestner

Story about:lesbian, lesbianromance, lesbianfiction

19 576

#1094 in Romance
#11 in LGBT

Complete 35 pages

Publication: 26.01.2023 — 26.01.2023

Description of book "A Coffee Shop Romance"

Who doesn't love a delightful cup of coffee to start the day?

As a barista Juliet has plenty of regulars but Ashlyn is far from regular. With her books to read while enjoying her coffee and her smile that lights up the room. She's the best part of Juliet's mornings. Will today be the day Juliet makes her move and lets Ashlyn know how she feels?

Ashlyn secretly admires Juliet but she's afraid of asking her out in fear of being rejected. Does Juliet feel the same way as she does or is their friendly banter just a way to earn extra tips?

Who will make the first move and admit their feelings and will admitting feelings strengthen their relationship or leave them both in coffee shop limbo?


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