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A Dance Through The Darkness


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Description of book "A Dance Through The Darkness"

In the future, a deadly disease has raged, decimating the population. The rich have moved into fortified, walled cities, while the poor are left to scrape by in the wastelands in small settlements often raided by the infected.
17-year-old Artemis has made a name for herself as a bounty hunter, with secret that many would kill for. Her latest mission from the LEDA Corporation, comes with the biggest pay out of her life. Capture an escaped traitor to the company named Ridley Azaria.
But he is just a job right? Just a payday, and she has no feelings for him right? Not to mention it would be unwise to cross the LEDA Corporation. Artemis finds herself with a decision to make. A decision which should be easy for a hardened girl like herself. But turns out its a decision that is anything but.


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02.11.2020, 02:41:31

please continue this book

05.11.2020, 05:14:47

AnnaRCase, I've read all your books that I've found and loved them all

09.01.2020, 09:51:22

like the update!

AnnaRCase guru
09.01.2020, 13:58:19

Glad you like it. I'm sure you will like some of the future chps as well :) We are close to the end. Thanks for being patient and sticking with it.

Hannah Parizo
07.12.2019, 15:09:12

one of the best stories, but not complete:(

AnnaRCase guru
07.12.2019, 16:59:00

Thanks. I just updated last night. I'm writing it in real time. But the end is near:)

06.12.2019, 08:19:55

I just started reading, but the description is great and the story is rlly good so far! excited to continue reading:)

AnnaRCase guru
06.12.2019, 14:02:53

Thank you so much I appreciate it. But keep in mind this one is YA so no real steamy stuff like my other book. At least not yet :) And not to mention Artemis can't stand Red so there's that. Maybe she'll come around though:)

ola jane pyle
01.12.2019, 05:18:54

it's good so far,but why doesn't it let me turn the page so that I can continue reading

AnnaRCase guru
01.12.2019, 13:27:44

I'm not sure if you are viewing from the app, but if you are, have you tried opening Litnet from your phone's browser instead? Sometimes I do that as it updates quicker that way and has more options from the browser. Thanks.

Henry Brother
21.10.2019, 17:31:54

I love all the descriptions you use

AnnaRCase guru
22.10.2019, 04:26:59

Thank you. Thanks for reading and commenting too.

Roza Csergo
01.08.2019, 14:25:11

I love this story too. You have a great creative mind. I admire your talent.

AnnaRCase guru
01.08.2019, 17:33:42

Roza Csergo, Azra is just misunderstood. I wasn't possessed (at least I don't think so :)) nor have I have suffered so much loss, but I put alot of own feelings and self into her character.

Samantha Ainsley
17.04.2019, 14:19:38

very nice book

AnnaRCase guru
17.04.2019, 15:43:51

Samantha Ainsley, Thank you! I'm enjoying writing it! Things are definitely getting more interesting when Red a d Artemis are together.

Heather Navy
09.04.2019, 19:01:26

I have really enjoyed it

AnnaRCase guru
17.04.2019, 05:34:56

Heather Navy
, Thanks again for reading. I just posted some more chapters. I have typed up several chapters today and neglected my laundry ;) Today worth it though. I'm getting excited about Candyland. You shall see what I mean soon :)

Nicole Preedy
05.04.2019, 18:49:45


AnnaRCase guru
05.04.2019, 19:28:22

Nicole Preedy, Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed it.

26.02.2019, 12:40:28

love the concept

AnnaRCase guru
26.02.2019, 14:33:19

Drew, Thanks. I didn't want it to just be another apocalyptic story. In fact the story is about Artemis and Ridley who were unfortunate enough to be born into a broken world and how they cope with it. Perhaps together;)

Tim Lawson
25.02.2019, 12:37:49

seems to be nice

AnnaRCase guru
25.02.2019, 14:18:29

Tim Lawson, Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

Nina Ainsworth
24.02.2019, 12:00:29

such a cool cover, nothing to do with young adult =)

AnnaRCase guru
24.02.2019, 13:17:19

Nina Ainsworth, The main characters are seventeen though ;)

Michael Knight
22.02.2019, 12:12:59

promises a lot

AnnaRCase guru
22.02.2019, 13:10:25

Michael Knight, Thank you for commenting. I hope you enjoy it. This story is not all cuddly, hand holding of teenaged love, but explores the nitty gritty of this futuristic, dystopian society and the impact it has left on its inhabitants, both bad and good.

John Mitchell
21.02.2019, 07:01:10

need to read this!

AnnaRCase guru
21.02.2019, 13:49:12

John Mitchell, Thank you for commenting. This is my latest book. I will post more chapters soon.

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