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Book. "A Day In The Life Of You" read online

A Day In The Life Of You


Story about:love friendship and heartbreak

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Publication: 16.01.2021 — ...

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Description of book "A Day In The Life Of You"

No love will last forever but first love will always be the first . Be lost, be robbed , but still plays nearby till the last breath of life. This is what first love is.
Caily Davis , a simple and elegant seventeen year old College student have loved her friend Dylan Mark for four years.
Dylan Mark , arrogant and charming seventeen year old bad boy who is feared and respected by everyone.
What will happen when one day suddenly he asked her to be his girlfriend. Her life will turn upside down. Never in her wildest dreams she had thought this would happen.
Will he ever fall for her or is going to break her heart.


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05.03.2021, 18:37:07

I guess you are a newbie here.... I am in for you good works! :))

21.01.2021, 19:47:21

love your description. I do want to know what happened to her then.

However, you need to give more paragraphs to make it fluent for people to read. Also, you have no grammatical so far. Just one spelling error.

keep on with your story.

21.01.2021, 19:47:10

Ghassan, * you have no grammatical error

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