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A Dollmaker


Story about:horror, mystery, doll

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#29 in Horror
#18 in Action & Adventures

Ongoing: 25 Sep 37 pages

Publication: 03.07.2021 — ...

Description of book "A Dollmaker"

The face of leather is skin. Stray knives leave stitches and pins. And as long as the memory silk remains, chainmail of influence stabs deeper into the children.

This story is about the momentary life of a transfer student, Ayilla Mglaire, who wanted to graduate in the field of architecture at Bellethor Holme University. A private university that is only open for meticulously rich and well-known students, scholars and professors with many of its residents residing in the neighboring wealthy village. With her determination and drive to prove her origins wrong, Ayilla wanted to stay close to the school. So she stays at the only apartment that brings tenants in for free


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