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Book. "A Foreign Affair" read online

A Foreign Affair

Young Yasmi

Series: Arabian Passion

Story about:arabprince, arabian love

16 137

#84 in Historical Romance
#2566 in Romance

On Hold: 08 Sep 19 pages

Publication: 04.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "A Foreign Affair"

The goods traded between England and Morocco were beneficial to both countries. Except that one day, there was a problem that the Prince of Marrakech had to travel to Brighton. It was Robert Banks Jenkiston, the Prime Minister, who urged him to stay at the home of a loyal friend, Duke Andreas Rinchwood. Accompanied by his guard and friend, Ali, they moved into the large house. Then he met the Duchess Cassandra, who was to guide and help him in this unknown country during his stay. During this time, Aswad will gradually open the heart of the young woman, who had closed it in order to avoid suffering and dependence on someone.


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