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A Hasty Proposal


Story about:sudden proposal, love unexpectedly

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"To be my wife, you have to follow three conditions."
"Like my sweet words, like be taken care of and like to be spoiled."

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Bhola h Kerketa 02.12.2020, 03:40:34

its like that comic "ceo's sudden proposal "

CRISHIA A 01.12.2020, 09:37:24

guys please support me and my next story. i would like to join to the contest 'my love, my billionaire' That story is really something. though it has a little bit not good for children. Just don't let your young children. brother or sister to read it. hehehehe It is just for the contest guys. love you all.

Reflects you 24.11.2020, 07:13:49

Love the kid❤️❤️❤️love the story ❤️all the best

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CRISHIA A 01.12.2020, 09:34:29

Reflects you, thank you so much.

Shivani Sapkal 25.11.2020, 18:38:41

I guess father and son duo has some past in which Erick lost is voice...but Jericho, instead of understanding Erick he is calling him troublemaker and all...he should consider him as his own little kid and show affection...on the other hand Ellaine is growing fond of Erick although she didn't notice.. waiting for updated!!

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CRISHIA A 01.12.2020, 09:33:54

Shivani Sapkal, thank you for reading :) i will have a courage to write more and make it beautiful to you.

Dream of books 27.11.2020, 20:57:54

i think please make paragraphs some what distance like after 10 line some space and after that after and make clear and

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CRISHIA A 01.12.2020, 09:32:00

Dream of books, thank you for your suggestion. And i am so sorry for the delay. i will keep your suggestion next chapter. i hope you like the story :)

Kavita Yenurkar 30.11.2020, 08:05:38

please update

The last comment in the thread:

CRISHIA A 01.12.2020, 09:30:58

Kavita Yenurkar, So sorry if i keep you waiting.

Dream of books 27.11.2020, 20:58:17

and jericho should be nice to his son

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