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Book. "A Home For Valentino" read online

A Home For Valentino

Tlalane Manciya

Story about:romance, valentinestory, ourlovestory

62 681

#372 in Contemporary Romance
#119 in Short stories

Complete 25 pages

Publication: 31.01.2023 — 05.02.2023
Contests: Our Love Story

Description of book "A Home For Valentino"

Ava Doyle's life changes drastically overnight when her estranged twin sister Emma, whom she hasn't seen in over two years drops off a baby boy on her doorstep and leaves, the same night her boyfriend also tells her he isn't ready to be part of her situation and leaves her. With a new baby to take care of, love is the furthest thing from her mind, and taking care of baby Valentino isn't easy, it's affecting her work, and her boss Ethan isn't happy, the same boss who strangely offers to help her with the baby. As Emma and Ethan get to know each other, they both realize not only could they make a home for Valentino, but they can find it in their hearts to make a home for what they both thought they would never find - they could make a home for their newfound love.


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Tlalane Manciya
01.03.2023, 11:53:42

Good day fellow readers, I'm working on a follow up story of this book - it's titled 'Fight for Valentino'. Emma comes back to demand a relationship with the son she had left with her sister.

Lynn Austria
11.02.2023, 07:06:54

Thank you for the beautiful book ??????????

Tlalane Manciya
11.02.2023, 08:09:20

Lynn Austria, Thanks. It's always a pleasure to write stories that feel people's hearts. Thanks for reading.

08.02.2023, 13:09:09

Woah! such a heartwarming narrative! I lived in your story. Thank you, Author, for creating such a beauty.

Tlalane Manciya
08.02.2023, 11:23:52

Somvanshiya, Thanks for reading the story and I'm happy you liked it. Take care!

Barnali Mondal
07.02.2023, 12:23:07

Such a beautiful short story

Tlalane Manciya
07.02.2023, 11:40:25

Barnali Mondal, Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Usha Sanath Shetty
05.02.2023, 23:51:52

such a short and sweet story

Tlalane Manciya
05.02.2023, 22:12:36

Usha Sanath Shetty, Yes, truly short hey. Thanks for the support and reading the story.

Bumbum Adeola
05.02.2023, 22:39:14


Tlalane Manciya
05.02.2023, 22:10:01

Bumbum Adeola, Thanks for reading! I appreciate...

Glincy Varghese
05.02.2023, 08:51:29

loved it dear.

Tlalane Manciya
05.02.2023, 08:10:03

Glincy Varghese, Thank you very much for the support and reading. God bless...

Rosemary Barrons
03.02.2023, 20:12:58

Beautiful story. Ava and Ethan were meant to be together.

Tlalane Manciya
04.02.2023, 15:47:27

Rosemary Barrons, Thanks very much Rosemary - I totally agree!..

Rosemary Barrons
03.02.2023, 20:02:00

Comment has been deleted

03.02.2023, 09:01:55

Love it :)

Tlalane Manciya
03.02.2023, 08:08:58

AnonyBunny, Thank you very much

Glincy Varghese
03.02.2023, 03:15:03

nice storyline

Tlalane Manciya
03.02.2023, 01:34:26

Glincy Varghese, Thank you very much for the support and reading.

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