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Story about:selfdiscovery, newadult, love and romance

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Description of book "A L E G R I A"

Frias. An ancient, small medieval town where courtship is a timeless tradition, and selfless love of marriage is considered a sacred union. A place where families leave a lasting legacy that continues from generation to generation. But, when a brash and charming Spanish Lothario who easily cruises his way to women’s hearts, crosses path with a reserved, yet fiery librarian – things are going haywire. He is treated as the ultimate “persona non grata.” Deem as unacceptable, he schemes his way to her mind, heart and soul.

Will Alegria Almeda be able to escape the clutch of his vanity and haughtiness?
Will she fall for his enchanting charms? Or will she follow her own heart?
Can Leo Marco give her up so easily?
Can love and marriage save Frias?

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Gracie Ella leonard 13.08.2020, 20:19:05

nice description dear, please follow me back and add up in your library for updates, thanks❤❤

Marilyn Lucero 04.08.2020, 05:01:32

this is such an interesting description.:-)

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MD JAU, thank you, as well:-)

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