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A Librarian and His Demon

RJ Greene

Series: A Librarian and His Demon

Story about:demons, friendship, supernatural

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#148 in Fantasy
#5 in Action fantasy

Complete 169 pages

Publication: 15.01.2020 — 15.02.2020

Description of book "A Librarian and His Demon"

A collection of short stories featuring a librarian and his demon. Egan is a librarian who has has taken on the responsibility of guarding and collecting ancient books of magic, prophecy, mythology and artifacts not just from this world, but others as well. Through his adventures, he encounters a strange demon who has a curious fixation on food and the librarian himself.
Together, they face demons, zombies, kidnapping, end of the world prophecies and possessed brides and more all while protecting the world's largest collection of sacred and powerful texts.


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Jan Hauser
25.03.2021, 21:31:46

Hello, I am Jan Hauser-Hoffmann, a hobbyist author just like you.

I am sad to inform you that your work “A Librarian and His Demon” has been plagiarized by Jan Steinke, a polish “author” (plagiarist would be a better term) and published on a self-publishing website. Your content has been stolen and translated (very badly) most likely without your knowledge, you can find the store page here “Demon bibliotekarza”. If you translate the free preview part you will notice it adds up almost exactly to the original text. And not only has it been stolen, the plagiarist could very well be profiting off of it, as it is on sale.

I urge you to, please, at the bare minimum send them an email requesting for takedown of your wrongly taken intellectual property. The fight for IP laws is one that transcends borders and communities, and we as authors should stick together.

Their email address is:

Sorry for being the bearer of bad news, Jan Hauser-Ho

22.07.2020, 20:11:22

is there another part?,I enjoyed every part of the book.i was actually thing he'd later rebind d demon to his soul giving him free will.

RJ Greene
20.10.2020, 17:57:10

RIDWAN OLUWATOBI, Ah yes! He does give him free will in Afternoon Tea Conversations!

24.08.2020, 15:35:44

HAHAHAHA!!! Norman the Cockatrice XD
Man I love this one

RJ Greene
20.10.2020, 17:55:53

Twiggy, Thank you

25.08.2020, 12:51:12

Hehehehe I REALLY liked this book. If you could link all the chapters together in a Novel, I would buy a hard copy of it any day!

RJ Greene
20.10.2020, 17:55:17

Twiggy, Ahhh thank you!! xD I hope to one day make a few short story collections chronicling the tales of Egan and Wrynn.

24.08.2020, 13:06:42

Hahahaha! I am still alive!!!
And still really enjoying this XD
Serious Black Butler vibes but so much better in my opinion!!!

Gracie Ella leonard
03.08.2020, 11:14:25

amazing story dear. please follow me back and check out my new book titled the blessing in disguise or save it in your library for updates, thanks❤❤

Goodness Shadrach
02.04.2020, 14:36:25

I have been eyeing this book for a while now. But now, it wins. I'm going to read it, yes. I'm sure it will be as intriguing as the name that drew me to it :)

RJ Greene
03.04.2020, 01:52:05

Goodness Shadrach, Thank you for deciding to read it! I really hope that you enjoy the stories :)

16.02.2020, 21:34:01

OOOOOH! Congrats in completing the book RJ!!!
I'm slowly working my way through your chapters because I'm enjoying them so much XD
Can't wait to see what else you will be posting!!!

RJ Greene
18.02.2020, 22:13:11

Twiggy, Thank you!!
I'm really glad you're enjoying them! I'm working on a novella with the same characters now while still working my way through Merely Mortal. I'm excited to post it when it's done!

Jess Conibear
15.02.2020, 11:29:38

I was really entertained reading it

RJ Greene
15.02.2020, 18:15:37

Jess Conibear, That's great to hear! Thank you for reading it and taking the time to comment.

14.02.2020, 11:20:01

thank you for this, it was really a pleasant reading.

RJ Greene
14.02.2020, 17:19:54

Thank you for reading it :) I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Celeste I.
29.01.2020, 07:46:40

I like the idea behind this, a librarian having to work together with a demon on specific adventures. I also like how the supernatural is integrated and accepted into society for this story's universe. There's a lot of different and unique stuff that happens in each story, making each chapter unpredictable and exciting.

The demon is a surprisingly cool character. He can be playful, charismatic, like a rich gentleman and servant, devoted to get the job done and be helpful. But, he's also as every bit as threatening and menacing as the title of a demon suggests. It's a scary balance, especially considering his mysterious aura, we don't know what his true motives are or what he's thinking most of the time.

I like the relationship between him and Egan, as their friendship grows in a natural progression as the stories go. That's one of the few things that continues with each short story. Egan's personality seems to be more grounded, but he has ambitions and passions for the unknown and reading.

My biggest gripe is the wall of text. I know it'd make the story longer, but spacing out the narratives after a paragraph or two would make it easier to read. But I like it so far, keep it up~

Celeste I.
29.01.2020, 07:07:35

RJ Greene, You're welcome; I look forward to more of the story from you~

Jeffrey Nighty
27.01.2020, 16:55:55

I find it extremely interesting

RJ Greene
27.01.2020, 17:24:06


Tedd Kirsten
25.01.2020, 20:25:12

they are dynamic

RJ Greene
26.01.2020, 16:59:40

Thank you :)

26.01.2020, 13:27:13

just popped this in my library to read when I get a change. Looks great.

RJ Greene
26.01.2020, 16:56:17

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it

26.01.2020, 17:18:04

waiting for a next one, there will be more?

RJ Greene
26.01.2020, 16:56:02

Yup! I have 17 written already and working on more. Thank you for reading!

Lawrence Frost
22.01.2020, 01:06:55

well done

RJ Greene
22.01.2020, 00:53:59

Lawrence Frost, Thank you :)

Clayton Terrel
21.01.2020, 19:27:42

fresh and engaging stories

RJ Greene
22.01.2020, 00:53:52

Clayton Terrel, Thank you!

17.01.2020, 00:37:22

Hey, hello. Welcome to Booknet. Hope you will like our community. We have a facebook networking group for writers on this site if you are interested in joining up.

20.01.2020, 10:53:22

Twiggy, great, Emma is waiting on your request to join up. There are a few questions that you must answer, along with providing your writers name that you use on Booknet and then she will accept the request and you will be in. Looking forward to seeing you there

17.01.2020, 08:53:19

Found you RJ!!!!
I'm definitely putting this book in my library, already liked the first page on the Fanfic web, but I'm more often on Litnet so this will be perfect!

RJ Greene
17.01.2020, 18:32:18

Twiggy, Yay you found me! Lol! I've added your book to my library and am gonna give it a read too :)

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