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A Love Game.


Series: T&K

Story about:new adult, marriage, love and hate

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Ongoing: 15 Mar 26 pages

Publication: 23.01.2021 — ...

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Description of book "A Love Game. "

She left, and two years later returns as a famous party planner. What happens when she finds out her past lover is engaged, and getting married. Making it worst, she is the wedding planner.

Will she be able to gain his love again. Or will she give up and go with the flow.

Sequeal of baby on campus, can be read as a stand alone. But it's better if you read baby on campus first, it will give you more understandings of why is going on in the book.

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Dee Whitaker 08.04.2021, 06:18:53

why no updates????

Shruti Sharma Pandey 04.04.2021, 11:07:35

plssssss update

ANSHU SINGH 30.03.2021, 13:26:02

please update
love your story

Dee Whitaker 20.03.2021, 12:00:39


Surekha Madiwal 15.03.2021, 18:24:28

plz.. update soon:):)

Surekha Madiwal 15.03.2021, 12:35:57

I'm waiting for the next chapter..

Novels By Taylin 09.03.2021, 00:10:52

This is a wonderful story, keep up the great work hun! :)

Arundhati Sengupta 07.03.2021, 16:45:47

Long awaited update

Sanchi Prajapati 07.03.2021, 13:16:44

i was really waiting for you to update

Preeti Dangi 04.03.2021, 23:03:22

Awesome and cute story... Just it tooo.,.

Evilsparklenyc 04.03.2021, 18:14:08

Where’s Alex?

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bekky 04.03.2021, 18:17:49

Evilsparklenyc, Me patient dear.... She's coming home soon.

Oton Bogofanyu 18.02.2021, 23:29:15

try make it long abeg

Sanvi Sinha 11.02.2021, 08:13:59

nice cover.....

Sanvi Sinha 10.02.2021, 08:44:19

happy birthday dear

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The last comment in the thread:

Sanvi Sinha 11.02.2021, 04:57:15

bekky, wassup?

Ritika Bansal 09.02.2021, 20:15:51

Wish you a very very very happy birthday..
May god bless you with all the happiess?

The last comment in the thread:

bekky 09.02.2021, 21:26:40

Ritika Bansal, Thanks dear

Sencilla Mujer 07.02.2021, 02:31:47

Dream of books 06.02.2021, 16:41:06

write long chapters dear please

Oton Bogofanyu 02.02.2021, 19:36:50

Biko always make it long like this

Oton Bogofanyu 29.01.2021, 11:17:13

hope it free
tell me early

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Oton Bogofanyu 29.01.2021, 13:19:15

bekky, ok, thanks

Dream of books 28.01.2021, 14:50:15

heyy give us 1 point of view from him please author please update your story soon

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bekky 28.01.2021, 18:50:37

Dream of books, Ok, dear. :-) :-) :-)

Dream of books 26.01.2021, 23:46:19

ok I think if Tyler don't love. her then noo it cant be please give us a point of view from him Tyler please he is not even responding or feelings any ting towards her

Dream of books 25.01.2021, 09:04:21

I think if Tyler really loves her he should come back don't divide them please

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