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Book. "A Love Like this" read online

A Love Like this


Story about:wife choosing morals over husband

Age restriction: 18+

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#210 in Short stories

On Hold: 18 Aug 19 pages

Publication: 18.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "A Love Like this"

Yash and Priya's arranged marriage progressively turned into a love affair and she gave birth to their son, Tanmay. However, when Yash lost his job and became a househusband, everything changed.

Their bond started to deteriorate and became argumentative. Priya discovered Yash's diary one day. Curiosity drove her to read his diary, and what she found inside absolutely rocked her life.

Even though she was aware that this would ruin their entire life, she made a choice.

What exactly did she read in his diary that made her blood turn cold?
P.S. He was not cheating

What decision did she make that would completely destroy their lives and cause her love for him to be called into question?


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