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Book. "A Mate For The Latecomer" read online

A Mate For The Latecomer

Veronica P Vito

Series: Rejection Series

Story about:rejection, betrayals and love, strongfemalelead

151 11946

#1133 in Romance
#28 in Supernaturals

Complete 128 pages

Publication: 15.08.2022 — 15.08.2022

Description of book "A Mate For The Latecomer"

Elle Langford was once the most dedicated hardworking werewolf in her pack. She used to have many friends and was respected by all. They were her priority and she didn't even have time to look for her mate. Yet when she felt her bond with her mate break, everything turns awry in her world.
The next thing she knew, she was pulled down from grace, marked as the pack slut, and banished from the place she once called home.
Rules were set once they were accepted into another pack. Elle never saw the outside world again nor was she fortunate to have another mate. She watched as everyone in the pack mated, have pups, and lived happily in the pack. She was left with no mate or anyone to feel the spark with.
Yet what happens when her Alpha sent her to another territory for the first time on a pack?


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Susmita Das
02.01.2023, 20:56:26

very interesting story..... the twist about the truth of eric's love towards elle is so beautiful and delicate makes the story wonderful... appreciate your work author....

Gena Elgie
22.08.2022, 20:59:10

colour is mispelled. it is color.

Gena Elgie
05.09.2022, 03:56:32

Veronica P Vito, well from being in the usa. you got your answer

Aneshrie Govender
18.08.2022, 22:03:53

Thank u for a lovely story n a beautiful ending

Veronica P Vito
18.08.2022, 23:09:09

Aneshrie Govender, Thank you :)

Hana Liaqat
15.08.2022, 18:32:53

Is this going to free story for reading

Veronica P Vito
15.08.2022, 22:53:29

Hana Liaqat, It is free, including the rest of the series :)

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