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Book. "A Nasty Revenge." read online

A Nasty Revenge.

Tamaki, Srishti Choudhary

Story about:revenge, playboy, contract couple

Age restriction: 18+

141 1054

#860 in Billionaires
#2255 in Romance

On Hold: 21 Dec 55 pages

Publication: 20.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "A Nasty Revenge."

She was cold and broken..
He was heartless and ruthless..
Will there be any match of them?
Read this twisted love story filled with revenge and hatred.


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Roseline Zone
15.12.2022, 12:37:51

thts was really hot... keep going author... u re doing great..

15.12.2022, 11:14:54

Roseline Zone, :-) :-)

Sushmita Paul
14.12.2022, 23:51:54

It's confusing , who's Chris?
BTW you are a great author . Want to see your work more. Could you please update it more frequently?

15.12.2022, 09:48:59

Sushmita Paul, I understand your concern but unfortunately, we cannot clear the smoke as it's a part of the story. And about the updating system we both have a hectic schedule. For now. this is the best way we could opt for. Still, we will try our best. Thanks for the review btw.

Roseline Zone
12.12.2022, 15:11:05

when will you update author?

13.12.2022, 04:41:01

Roseline Zone, Tomorrow for sure.

Roseline Zone
10.12.2022, 22:24:45

story is amazing... but a lil confusing too... I wanna know who is sam? who is Chris? is Sam ans Sara are same? I guess yes thts why I understood from ur story... but i wanna know is aarav the same guy who left clg after the bet? and is lily arav's and sara's daughter? and who was that guy who saved lily from stella at the mall, is he the one who left Sam?

Roseline Zone
11.12.2022, 11:00:03

Tamaki, thnks author... I'm waiting for nxt updates Egerly

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