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#110 in Young adult
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Ongoing: 07 May 6 pages

Publication: 07.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "A Queen Reborn "

Artemis Mccann is thirty years old when due to an unfortunate accident was hit by a car that seemed to pop out of nowhere and as a result of the accident, she was fatally injured. Artemis died on the scene, But somehow, within seconds of her death, she takes another breath of life...

As a newborn baby?

Alizah Knight is just a mere seconds old, when she stops breathing momentarily and then with a gasp of air comes to life with shrilling screams. Alizah grew up knowing she was different. She remembered her past life but chose to keep it a secret.

Alizah Knight, formerly known as Artemis Mccann was reincarnated as a baby princess! As Alizah gets older by birthright once she turns twenty-two she will be crowned queen to rule over all the land.

Join Alizah in her crazy reincarnated life,


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