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A Royal Creed


Story about:vampires, mythology, original fantasy

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#7 in Action & Adventures
#58 in Dark fantasy

Complete 190 pages

Publication: 07.02.2020 — 29.09.2020

Description of book "A Royal Creed"

It is 53 A.D, a time when Romania peaked in dominating the world with their strength, hunting down all manner of beasts and humans to protect the land from the unjust. Unravel yourself in a dark and cruel tale of a young, curious boy, Emriel, a victim of the plague. After his father sent for an artifact, the plague took a devastating turn and released concealed demons from the world to feast on humans, spawning the return of the Strigoi, forcing the hand of the Romans to cleanse the small settlement of Londinium. Embark on tales of Emriel as he survives a tragedy unlike any other, living through six hundred winters and setting it upon himself to protect those in need and those he loves from cruel megalomaniac pagans while searching for a way to save his malformed daughter from her tragedy.


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20.07.2020, 14:16:35

Hi dear. Please make out time to check on my books
I promise... You won't regret it follow me and like my book... Feel free to comment on it as well,hope you enjoy the story as i keep posting updates. Thanks❤, would really appreciate it if you do

20.07.2020, 14:15:39

I have been following your books for a while and they are pretty good.

Catrin Potgieter
12.07.2020, 15:21:06

Absolutely love the story, very good story line, nail biting moments. My imagenation runs wild and with each new chapter I'm more intrigued and can not wait to read the next one. What's more intriguing is that it's unpredictable.

Monique Potgieter
12.07.2020, 13:46:06

It definitely keeps you guessing what happens next. An intriguing story and awesome character development. Dont stop it please. Want to know what happens next.

Jess Conibear
15.02.2020, 11:33:12

It is my dream to visit Rome one day

Dennis Norman
12.02.2020, 18:30:46

continue it

13.02.2020, 07:01:11

Dennis Norman, I defenitely will

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