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A Summer with the Dayton brothers

Mushabe Melisa

Series: Dayton

Story about:vacation, badboy, enemies to lovers

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#117 in New Adult & College
#27 in Humor

Ongoing: 09 Nov 13 pages

Publication: 09.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "A Summer with the Dayton brothers"

Amelia wanted t have the best summer before her college. but things took a twist where she now has to spend it with the Dayton brothers. There are a lot of things she didn't expect would happen and that included falling in love with one of them.

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Apphie Indakwa 23.11.2020, 15:48:23

Please update soon. Very interesting.

Tanistha Saha 11.11.2020, 13:16:57

Nice plot

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Mushabe Melisa 12.11.2020, 19:37:52

Tanistha Saha, Thx

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