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A tribute to mother

Somia Naeem

Story about:motherhood, mother's love, mother sacrifice

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#56 in Short stories
#34 in Crime fiction

Ongoing: 28 May 2 pages

Publication: 28.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "A tribute to mother "

She has taken care of them whole life

She has given her best to treat them

She was on verge of death while bringing them in this world

But what they did

They abandoned her


This is not a love story

This is an islamic book on the respect of parents

Do follow me


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Mahamotha Khatun
28.05.2021, 20:28:08

I am first one who like , yeyeeee I am so happy , best of luck with this book , may Allah bless u with more ideas of books

Mahamotha Khatun
29.05.2021, 16:35:08

Somia Naeem, welcome dear

Mahamotha Khatun
28.05.2021, 20:29:35

I know it's hurt to see most son's don't value their mother

Somia Naeem
28.05.2021, 20:33:53

Mahamotha Khatun, Yup

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