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Book. "A Vampire Love" read online
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#643 in Paranormal Romance
#842 in Romantic fantasy

On Hold: 08 Jul 7 pages

Publication: 27.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "A Vampire Love"

I am walking in the woods searching for my prey . Oh I forgot to tell you that I am vampire and I hunt animals for food because I don't like to hurt humans .
Heard some bells , turned around and found little light from far away . I ran to that place and from above the building I saw a ceremony is performed to make human into werewolve.
I have seen this ceremony many times but humans always wanted to become werewolves .
What surprised me is that the man in black outfit who is human had fear in his eyes and he was helpless because they tied him .
He was shouting at them to leave him alone .
My brain insisted to help him.
But helping him will cost my life , his innocent eyes had made me do things .It doesn't matter I will be able to save him or not but I guess I am starting a war .


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Innayat Hussain
14.02.2021, 20:37:13

nice one....

Sreeja Anmisha
12.02.2021, 08:20:09

hey , If you like the story please like and comment

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