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A Vampire's Tale

Christy Cisson

Story about:vampire, lovestory, rich guy

Age restriction: 18+

93 1546

#74 in Paranormal
#667 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 80 pages

Publication: 03.02.2021 — 22.06.2021

Description of book "A Vampire's Tale"

My name is Riley Woods, and I was born in 1309. At the age of 21, I became very sick on a plague that about took my life. That's when I meet a vampire named Jasper. He gave me a choice to either die or join him on a worldwide quest, so of course, my mind chose life with him. He changed me, and we went on a worldwide killing spree of murders, rapists, thieves, and basically any type of evil people. During the revolutionary war, our house was set on fire. They threw a torch into Jasper's room, where he didn't make it out in time, so I have been alone since then. I never found a woman that I thought was good enough to be my mate for eternity until I met Madeline.

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11.08.2021, 04:03:09

I really enjoyed reading this story. Do you have any plans for Sam?

15.08.2021, 05:47:00

Christy Cisson, Okay, thanks for the reply. Have a good rest.


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