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Abandoned Blood


Story about:mafia, mystical adventures, trust

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On Hold: 12 Jan 3 pages

Publication: 12.01.2022 — ...

Description of book "Abandoned Blood"

Radhika Agarwal belonged to a rich family and the only daughter of Abhay Agarwal and loving sister of Ujwal Agarwal. She was Abandoned by her own family beacuse of her evil and her cunning step sister Kanika.

Her own parents and brother ( OWN BLOOD ) abandoned her and trusted a girl who they merely knoe since three years .

Kanika turned Sia's life upside down just beacuse she was jealous of the love she received from her brother .

Now, she ( Radhika ) want to ruin Agarwal's family and tarnish their so called image and reputation in the society and she will do it either by hook or by crook.

let's see how radhika will handle her life .


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