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Absolute Devotion


Story about:werewolf, tragedy, love triangle

Age restriction: 18+

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#701 in Romantic fantasy
#883 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold: 12 Sep 20 pages

Publication: 02.08.2020 — ...

Description of book "Absolute Devotion"

Samantha Walker is left in a tight spot when her roommate and best friend, Natalie Taylor, is called back home to help her father in his practice. Finding a suitable roommate to help with the rent is easier said than done. That is until she bumps into Alexander Shaw in the local coffeeshop. Their mutual attraction is undeniable and soon they are hopelessly in love, but Alexander has a huge secret. After a romantic night gone wrong, Sam discovers his secret and runs to the only person she can think of, Natalie. Little does she know that on her way there, someone else picked up on her scent and he will stop at nothing to make her his.


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Magnus Bane
05.08.2020, 17:58:31

I love the book description... it's so engaging and kept me on edge after every single word... u write so beautifully

Magnus Bane
07.08.2020, 10:40:21

Sneakymewriter, I love Thriller

Ruphina Raphael
05.08.2020, 22:28:57

I've just read the first chapter and I really like it. Please update soon

Ruphina Raphael
06.08.2020, 16:53:44

Sneakymewriter, We will be waiting ♥️

Nicky Smith
04.08.2020, 13:03:49

I love this story already. Can't wait for the next update. ?

04.08.2020, 22:27:32

Nicky Smith, Thank you. I will try to do weekly updates.

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