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Publication: 31.08.2019 — 30.11.2019
Contests: Once Upon a Time

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Description of book "Acceptance"

Swan lake is the beautiful garden where princess Odette lives with her animals, white swans, and unexpected flightless mallard. One morning, Odette went to the center of the lake to give her animals a song. But it was cut by a cry of a brown mallard. That the swans dislike. Will Odette stop the commotion between the swans and a young lone brown mallard? Or will she find a middle ground between both sides?

Hey guys so basically this story is for the new contest that is currently being held and the theme was once upon a time. So I hope that you enjoy and happy reading. Once a upon a time in Swan lake.


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Zani Panopio
23.03.2020, 14:37:57

Hi, i just signed in. Where can i secure this book since there is lockdown in Cavite?

24.03.2020, 07:18:54

Slr, quarantined in the house, just add this book to your library and maybe you can also read other of my books as well.

Nicole Preedy
16.03.2020, 14:30:13

it's really good

17.03.2020, 06:54:49

Thank you :D

Booknet Inkslingers
24.11.2019, 22:09:40

Just a reminder the contest closes Saturday, November 30th. That means the book needs to be complete, marked complete and when you complete your story you will have to send an email to the contest’s moderator ( letting them know that your participating book is complete. Only completed stories will be considered for the shortlist and winning book, so be certain to mark your story as COMPLETE on your Litnet profile.

The format of the letter:

Topic: “Once upon a Time,” Story Complete

Text: I (your name-pseudonym + link to your Litnet profile) have completed my story “Name of Your book” on (date when you have finished) and have published and submitted it for the contest in full. Please include my story in the list of the finalists.

After this, your story will be among the contest’s finalist and you will be considered for the main prize.

26.11.2019, 13:50:09

Litnet Authors, Noted, LItnet Authors, By the way I would like to ask if my other story Ancestral wolf is part of the contest. Uhmm, is it possible to have two stories participate the contest?

Marilyn Lucero
02.09.2019, 19:04:35

Hi! Congratulations for joining the contest:-)

05.09.2019, 12:47:33

diamond46, I now joined the Writers club, I hope that I can be a good younger brother to you all. :)

Booknet Inkslingers
01.09.2019, 15:01:58

A great start to your story. Good Luck in the competition.

01.09.2019, 15:29:34

Thank you Litnet Authors,

Booknet Inkslingers
01.09.2019, 02:37:38

Hi Left a message in you Comments on your Profile page. We will be able to accept this story once you've fulfilled the criteria. Please check our the comment and get back to us as soon as you can. Thank you!

Roza Csergo
31.08.2019, 15:47:16

Lovely innocent tale and the cover looks great too.
Good luck in competition. ♥

31.08.2019, 16:03:18

thanks, and you too Roza Csergo. :)

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