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Book. "Accidentally" read online


Tennah Vent

Story about:love friendship and heartbreak

Age restriction: 18+

9 231

#3011 in Romance
#3011 in Romance

On Hold: 13 Dec 35 pages

Publication: 31.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "Accidentally"

An african-america girl falls inlove with a guy completely forbiden to her through every mental and physical laws of love if any, a love that might cost her everything .her bestfriend, home, career. An approved chance to see her biological parents but fate dims it fit when her love partner is willing to let it all go for a chance to be with her at the cost of his multi-million dollar family business,fiancee,and powerful name bided to his DNA. will there love last?

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Annastacia Black
29.06.2022, 16:17:29

very nice keep going

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