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Accidentally Yours For Christmas

O.J Ebubeoha


Story about:finding love, second chances, christmas miracle

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#145 in Short stories
#183 in Contemporary fiction

Complete 24 pages

Publication: 02.12.2021 — 07.12.2021
Contests: A Christmas Miracle

Description of book "Accidentally Yours For Christmas"

Victoria White had plans to make this Christmas special for her son, but the universe and the court order slapped on the dark brown doors on her small apartment said otherwise.

Stranded and utterly devasted, only three days to the biggest celebration of the year, she struggles to grapple with her situation while accidentally stumbling upon shelter for the night in the only place that felt as empty on the outside as she felt inside.

Only, it wasn't empty, and destiny had other plans for her.

What seemed like a gloomy situation at first, will soon unfold to hold the biggest miracle and surprise of the year for her.

Accidentally Yours For Christmas is a Prequel in my New Series: Mistletoe Magic Series


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Virosa writes
11.12.2021, 20:23:27

I need moreeeeeee...this was very good...younice keep going.:-):-):-):-)

28.04.2022, 08:25:45

O.J Ebubeoha, how did you got your money? just asking to make it's legit.

10.12.2021, 17:00:28

Beautiful story. I don't celebrate Christmas anymore, but it reminded me of something that happened when my family was younger and struggling. My mom died in Nov 1997, so Dec 1997. I had three small children and a husband who worked really hard but was underemployed. There was never enough to make ends meet. Through our church at the time, the pastor had given our names to a lady lawyer. She showed up on our doorstep, and told me that her firm wanted to select us as their family to support. I said no, there were much worse off families out there. Ones with improper housing, and no food. I must have argued with her a good ten minutes about the state of our 'richness' in comparison to others. We were actually quite poor then, I just never seen it as such. We were content with food and covering. She wouldn't hear any of it. She had already bought the food and gifts and they were in her car and I could see that I was distressing her by saying no, so I finally caved. They had brought so much, I ended up sharing it with another family and inviting others. Thank you so much for this beautiful story, and reminding me of that time and kindness.

O.J Ebubeoha
10.12.2021, 18:15:00

SESaunders, Wow.. This is so beautiful to hear you lay out your heart like this. Indeed this story seems like it was written for you. I've had people show me Kindness and I did want to replicate it in a story. I've been stranded before and the kindness of a stranger helped me out. So I'm touched this story resonates with you.
Thank you for sharing.

Syeda Noorah
07.12.2021, 11:10:10

Woahhh!!!! that's mean there will be a sequel...
It was a nice story....

Syeda Noorah
07.12.2021, 18:22:38

O.J Ebubeoha, Okay I'll be waiting for it...Yeah its superb...

Syeda Noorah
06.12.2021, 20:49:17

Very interesting with a unique concept...

Syeda Noorah
07.12.2021, 11:10:24

O.J Ebubeoha, Your welcome dear..

A Ziat
02.12.2021, 19:01:46

This sounds interesting already. Well done

O.J Ebubeoha
02.12.2021, 19:39:04

A Ziat, Thank you honey. It's going to be simple and short